What age children are the castles suitable for?

Our castles are suitable for children under 15 years of age.  It is recommended that children of the same age group jump on the castles for their own personal safety – i.e.: teenagers and children under 5 should not jump together in case the older larger children bounce into the smaller ones and injure them.

Raining – does that mean I have to cancel?

No – our Jumping Castles have rain covers so there’s no need to cancel.  If the weather is stormy or in danger of high winds we may call prior to delivery to discuss if the hire should go ahead.

What if we want to cancel?

Please give at least 7 days notice of a cancellation – if not a cancellation fee may be charged.

Who sets up the Jumping Castle?

The jumping castle will be delivered, set up and deflated by our friendly staff.

Can we move the jumping castle during the hire period?

No, if the Jumping Castles needs to be moved for any reason please call us. Do not attempt to move the castle yourself.

Is supervision required?

Yes. For the safety of all children an adult must supervise the jumping castle at all times. Our staff will give you operating instructions on the day of the hire. Or if you like our staff are available to supervise the castle for you.

What happens if we damage the jumping castle?

If damage is caused to the jumping castle you will be liable for the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is being repaired. We keep a record of the condition of our castles and check them after they have been set up and before they are deflated.

Are there any ‘party items’ that can’t go in the castle?

Yes – streamers, silly string, face paint, chewing gum, food and drink mustn’t come in contact with the jumping castle as it causes a lot of extra cleaning to remove these. If the jumping castle has been damaged or requires extensive cleaning, you will be liable for the additional costs.

What power is needed to operate inflatable units?

Normal house power is all that’s required to run the jumping castle. Please ensure a powerpoint is located within 25 metres of where you want the castle set up.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have Public liability Insurance for your peace of mind.