Snow Cones

Snow Cones are fantastic – kids and adults just love them. And you’re not limited to just one flavour, unlike slushie machines.  With our Snow Cone machines you just crush the ice and add whichever flavour you like – which keeps all your little (and big!) party-goers happy!

Why are Snow Cones better than slushies? – Because with Snow Cones you just tip the ice in and can start making snow cones instantly – with slushies you have to wait a long time for the ice to form and then after a while you’ll run out and have to wait again.  And Snow Cones can be ANY flavour – you pour it on the top – slushies are just the one flavour.  Which makes Snow Cones less hassle and more fun for your party.

Our Snow Cone Hire Machines are delivered to your event and come with everything you need including cones, straws, flavours etc.

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